Pleasure in cooking

With the extremely sharp and easy-care ceramic knives from Kyocera
extremely sharp
Die rasiermesserscharfe Keramikklinge bleibt deutlich länger scharf als Metallklingen
Easy to care
The blade is dishwasher-safe, stainless and does not take on any flavour.
Flexible and unbreakable
Die extrem harten Keramikklingen von Kyocera sind sehr flexibel und bruchfest.
Extremely sharp, extremely precise
The special properties of Kyocera ceramic blades make cutting a pure pleasure: The dense and smooth surface of the blade enables clean and precise cuts. Whether vegetables, fruit, salad, fish or meat - the Kyocera ceramic knives cut all ingredients with special ease. The knives are amazingly light, ergonomically shaped and enable fatigue-free work.
Always ready for use and easy to clean
Unlike metal, ceramic surfaces are corrosion-free and do not absorb any flavour even from fruit acids. They are therefore ideal for preparing a variety of foods. After cooking, the ceramic blades can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The extreme hardness of the material ensures that the fair retain their amazing sharpness for years. The special feature: Despite their hardness, the blades are at the same time very flexible and therefore break-resistant.

The new way to enjoy cooking